"Winter Drift" +25mm Track Triangle Suspension Arms LADA 2101-2107 Suspension arms

Materials: steel 20, cast iron, powder coating.

Kit includes: 2 upper+2 bottom arms, 2 damper brackets, 2 steering arm adjustment sleeves, 2 steel shortened steering pins, stabilizer links.

Purpose: installation of this kit increases the eversion of the front wheels. Increased castor and camber. Lower arms lenghtened on 35mm comparing to original arms, upper - on 30mm which allows to increase camber with standard crossbar bolts. Steering pins are designed with increased Ackerman angle which is just right to keep good control of the car on winter drift track and also during daily drive.

Additional information: minimal lowering -30mm. Can be installed both with original or Samara brakes. May require removing of the brake disc dust protection shields. Requires installation of all 4 upper ball-joints. Minimal camber - 2 degrees. Recommended castor - 6 degrees. We do not recommend to use the arms with modified (wide) steering knuckles. Maximum eversion is possible only with Samara brakes. With lowering -70mm and lower wheel arch cutting is required.

Installation: all 4 upper ball-joints. Brake calipers should be re-located to the front if the brakes remain original (calipers with adapters should be inverted) and longer 21213 brake hoses should be installed. Upper arm caliper pocket should be installed in the direction of movement (forward) and reinforcement plate on the edge of the arm should look to the top.

Track: 1390mm

"Winter Drift" +25mm Track Triangle Suspension Arms LADA 2101-2107

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