• Especially strong solid-metal case
  • High operational safety
  • Complete tightness of the unit

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Design features:

The use of a solid-metal case excludes the possibility of its deformation and the appearance of fatigue cracks in contrast to the body of sheet-shaped stamped parts.
The ball joint is assembled by plastic deformation of the upper part of the body. As a result, high values ​​of the pullout force of the ball pin from the body (2 times higher than the standard) are achieved, and high safety is ensured during operation.
O-rings of the protective cover ensure complete tightness of the unit.
The material of the protective cover provides strength 3-4 times higher than that of rubber, while retaining elasticity; It is operable at temperatures from -65 ° С to + 110 ° С.
The coating protects the product against corrosion during operation.
The actual mileage is 100,000 km.

Features of installation of spherical hinges of the "Champion" series: Under the protective cover of the product, the SHRB-4 lubricant is already incorporated in the required quantity, therefore there is no need for additional lubrication.

Attention! Dismantling the protective cover can lead to its subsequent incorrect installation, which will lead to premature failure of the hinge!


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