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"Strela Sport" Triangle Suspension Arms Subframe Kit LADA 2108-2115 Suspension

The subframe is a spatial element of the power structure of the body, intended, in addition, to mount the suspension units. The design of the subframe "cross" significantly increases the stiffness of the subframe comparing to subframes of rectangular shape. In addition, it allows to protect the power unit without installing of an additional protection. Significantly improves the car's handling.

Installation of the subframe provides you with the following advantages:
Increased of stiffness of the mounts of the suspension;
Protection of the power unit from hits from below, which is especially important for regions with poor roads;
Reduces the movements of the elements of the body;
Increased overall stiffness of the body (both transverse and longitudinal);
Allows you to radically change the characteristics of the suspension in a better way, the handling becomes more precisely (regardless of whether the car is lowered or not);
Increased level of comfort by improving the performance of the car's suspension and body stiffness;
Increased traffic safety by increasing the stiffness of the vehicle's body;
Increased stiffness of the front suspension arms;
Improved handling of the car;
Improves the information preciseness of the control.

2108 2109 21099 2110 2112 2113 2114 2115 SAMARA

"Strela Sport" Triangle Suspension Arms Subframe Kit LADA 2108-2115

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