Reinforced Rear Axle LADA 2121 21213 21214 2131 2123 NIVA 4x4 URBAN Stabilizers & braces

Reinforced rear axle "Lesnik" is designed for use in heavy conditions:

- with maximum load on bad roads, for regular transportation of goods at high-speed driving on rough terrain, in competition conditions or close to them conditions.

- when using large diameter wheels, including with unloaded half-axles.

Вгу to the open T-profile and special reinforcement technology, the maximum strength of the rear axle is achieved with the minimum possible weight.

Together with the reinforced rear axle, it is recommended to use a set of reinforced rear axle rods of the "Hulk" and "Hulk Hogan" type.

When ordering please specify the length of the axle depending on the year of manufacturinf of your car.

Up to 2003 - short axle, the length on the edge of the bearing flanges 1330 mm

For cars with "long" half-axles, with NO ABS.

"Lesnik-2020" Reinforced Rear Axle LADA 21214 2131 2123 NIVA 4x4 URBAN

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