Fits: LADA 2101-2107

Purpose: Drifting


Doesn't require welding.

Requires cutting of the rear bump stop brackets and drilling holes for installing dampers

Comes with stabilizer.

In case you plan to habe big camber, NIVA +10mm drive shafts are recommended.

Parts designed for this suspension which are sold separately:

differential - LADA 2101,

knuckles - LADA 2108-2112 together with hubs,

ball-joints - LADA 2108,

drive shafts - LADA NIVA,

inner CV-joint complete with cover and bearing - LADA NIVA,

outer CV-joint - LADA 2108,

front SHORT-STROKE dampers LADA 2101,

front suspension springs LADA 2101.

In case the top holes of the subframe do not fit original mount bolts, damper mounts should be replaced by repair ones. It is caused by the fact on LADA factory there is no precise size between the bolts of the dampers, it is tested on many cars already, the diameter of the hole for stud in "floating" fromm the very beginning.

2101 21011 21013 2102 2103 2104 2105 2106 2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

Independent Rear Suspension +40mm Track Sport Drift LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA

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