Brake disc ATS 4x4 sport with perforation and notches

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BRAKE DISCS "ATS" with ring grooves and perforations of the SPORT series.


"ATS" is the leading Russian manufacturer of brake system automotive components for domestic and foreign cars.

The purpose of the company "ATS" is to become the leader in the production and sales of auto parts of the brake system, to ensure the availability and high level of service for the buyers of products of "ATS" with unconditional quality of the products.

The perforated brake discs "ATS" of the SPORT series with additional ring grooves directed to the outer edge of the disc are distinguished by the original design and developed by our design office with the aim of improving the technical characteristics.

Brake discs "ATS" are ideal for driving cars at maximum speeds, in difficult road and weather conditions, designed for youth audiences, as well as fans of technical tuning of their car. Thanks to a special perforated design, they have forced ventilation and improved heat exchange, which allows to avoid overheating of active elements of the brake system.

Due to the use of perforations and grooves, intensive removal of gases, small particles and carbon oxides released by the pads during braking is provided, braking efficiency is increased and the braking distance is significantly reduced in extreme situations.

front Brake disks kit sport with perforation ATC Lada niva 2121-21214

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