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Gas distribution mechanism – a mechanism for distributing the intake of the fuel-air mixture and exhaust gases in the engine cylinders. The timing system includes: LADA valves, LADA hydraulic compensators, valve springs, camshaft gears and among many other parts. Selection of components and completion of timing is one of the most important stages in the preparation of a forced LADA engine. The weight of the components of the timing system of a standard internal combustion engine is designed for a maximum speed of six thousand per minute. Having installed the enlarged valves, you need to understand that it leads to the increase of the weight of the valve system, therefore, you will need a more rigid LADA valve springs. Standard valves are designed for civil engines. Professional preparation of the cylinder head will entail the replacement of all components of the timing system. Also, you will have to replace the valve seat with an enlarged one. After replacing the seats, the intake and exhaust channels of the cylinder head are refined. Set the correct channel geometry and size. The high-powered engine operates in the upper rpm range, which entails replacing the hydraulic compensators with mechanical ones. The factory hydraulic lifters do not have enough time to collect the right amount of oil at high engine speeds to withstand the necessary gap of the LADA valve. With a mechanical lifters, the clearance does not change with increasing rpm. Enlarged valves allow you to ensure the right filling of the cylinders. Improvements to the gas turbo power plant require expensive equipment and extensive experience of specialists. LADA Moscow carries out all possible modifications of cylinder as well as repairs.

In addition to installing larger valves, there is a simpler tuning of the standard timing system. Standard valves are made with a large margin of safety for long trouble-free operation.
By this reason the shape of the valve is imperfect. To get a better filling of the cylinders, the shape is refined on a lathe, thereby reducing the valve weight. Lightweight valves reduce the weight of the gas distribution mechanism, which, under installation conditions, tuning the camshaft can allow the engine to turn at higher speeds. The cost of lightweight valves does not differ much from the cost of standard ones, so you can immediately install them in place of the stock ones when the engine is repaired. To further reduce the weight of the timing system, you can put titanium (very light) plates of valve springs.

Bronze Valve Guides Set ProCar LADA 2101-2115 RIVA SAMARA 2121-2123 NIVA 4x4

Bronze Valve Guides Set ProCar LADA 2101-2115 RIVA SAMARA 2121-2123 NIVA 4x4


Valve Seals Set LADA 2101-2109 2121-2123 NIVA