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Compressor Supercharger Kit 0.7 Bar Injection LADA 2108-21099 2113-2115 SAMARA Turbo & Compressor

This kit is equipped with a compressor of the new generation with excess boost pressure of 0.5 bar at 5200 rpm.

Installation does not require serious modifications of the engine. For example, there is no need to change pistons.
You can install this kit on a stock car with ordinary tools.

Can be used on cars equipped with electric pedal (E-GAS)

Replacing of the injectors and ECU re-mapping are required.

Maximum compression ratio 9:1.

In operation, the supercharger is virtually silent. Oil and coolant are not required. During the installation of supercharger you don’t need to modify the design of the engine except replacing the engine front cover, pulleys of the alternator, crankshaft and water pump for the V-ribbed belt which are included in the kit.

Increase in power with 0.7 bar boost is up to 100%

For best performance it is recommended to:

- Fuel injectors 315 cc/min 
- Sport receiver 
- Throttle 52 mm or 54 mm 
Sport exhaust 4-2-1 pipe diameter 51 mm

- Camshaft sports, for example, 10.26 mm (270°), 10.42 mm (254°), 11.2 mm (262°)

- Online ECU re-mapping

2108 2109 21099 2113 2114 2115 SAMARA

Compressor Supercharger Kit 0.7 Bar Injection LADA 2108-21099 2113-2115 SAMARA

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