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Replacing the camshaft on LADA is one of the easiest ways to change the characteristics of the LADA engine. The correct selection of the camshaft on the LADA can provide at least 10% increase in engine performance without losing its fuel efficiency and increasing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The LADA camshaft is a device designed to open and close the
intake and exhaust valves in harmony with the movement of the pistons in the engine block. This is how the gas distribution process takes place. Like any other part, the LADA camshaft has parameters that characterize it. To understand what to expect from a particular camshaft, you need to understand the terminology a little. Enthusiasts of LADA tuning are familiar with such parameters of the camshaft as lift and phase.

The camshaft cam lift or valve stroke indicates how many millimeters the valve will rise from the seat. For example, for the LADA 2112 serial shaft, this value is 7.6 mm. Camshafts on LADA 2112 can have a stroke of up to 13 mm. In addition to the height of the valve lift above the seat, the hight of valve lift also affects the speed of opening the valve.

The second parameter is the phase. The phase of the LADA camshaft is measured in degrees of rotation of the crankshaft and describes the duration of opening the intake or exhaust valve. In simple terms, the phase shows the time that is open, for example, the intake valve on the intake stroke. The camshaft phase characterizes the operating range of the LADA engine. Serial camshafts LADA 2112 have a phase of 256 degrees. A camshaft with this characteristic allows you to get a stable idle speed and good traction at the lowest revs. For tuning, camshafts with a phase of 270-320 degrees are used. So, the same LADA 2112 engine will have the following values of the effective range when using LADA camshafts:

270 degrees 1500-7000 rpm;

280 degrees 2500-8000 rpm;

290 degrees 3500-9000 rpm;

300 degrees 4500-10000 rpm.

Our website presents a wide line of camshafts. This variety enables you to choose a set to achieve the desired characteristics of the LADA engine.

When installing non-serial camshafts it is necessary to use adjustable
camshaft gear which is also called an adjustable sprocket. Their use is necessary for the correct orientation of the LADA camshaft in the engine.

Installation of non-serial camshafts also requires certain equipment and knowledge, so LADA Moscow recommends that you trust this work to professionals.

Attention! Camshafts for LADA 2112 engines and their modifications may require modification of the cylinder head housing.

"Prapor" Camshaft 11.0/10.0mm 251 phase LADA 2101-2107 2121 21213 NIVA 4x4

"Prapor" Camshaft 11.0/10.0mm 251 phase LADA 2101-2107 2121 21213 NIVA 4x4


"Poganka" Camshaft 12.7/12.4mm 292/290 phase LADA 2101-2107 2121 21213 NIVA 4x4

"Poganka" Camshaft 12.7/12.4mm 292/290 phase LADA 2101-2107 2121 21213 NIVA 4x4


"Zubilo" Camshaft 10.42mm 253 phase LADA 2108-2115 SAMARA

"Zubilo" Camshaft 10.42mm 253 phase LADA 2108-2115 SAMARA