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The electronic control unit (ECU) is a computing device whose main task is the processing of information from the input sensors, and based on this information, the flow of control commands to various vehicle systems. The work of the systems and units of a modern car directly depends on the correct operation of this “think tank”. Any malfunctions in the electronic unit immediately affect the operation of the power supply, transmission, exhaust system and other elements.

Lada 2104, 2107 Niva 4x4 ( 21213, 21214, 2131) Euro-4 (1 oxygen sensor).
Please make sure you compare the extension of the number on your old device -10 or number -20 before buying. Please check before buying.

ECU lada niva 1700 21213 21214 2131

  • Product Code: 21214-1411020-20
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  • Weight: 1.900 kg.
  • 202.99€