All-metal Steel Independent Front Differential Body Case LADA 2121 2123 NIVA 4x4 Differential front

You are going to install a diff block into the front diff of your Niva? Not a good idea!

Why? Because diff block will break weak original front diff body housing, especially if you install bigger wheels. So to use a limited-slip differential in the front safely you need to buy this all-metal diff body and a rear diff.

This casing is also stronly recommended if you use the car on offroad and want to protect the front diff from big rocks because original casing made of cheap weak silumin.

- no noise from front axle as it mounts independently from the engine;
- would not burst because of it is all-metal.

Grind the rocks under your Niva!

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All-metal Steel Independent Front Differential Casing LADA 2121 2123 NIVA 4x4

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  • Weight: 10.000 kg.
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